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When will Business DSL catch up?

Friendly Neighbour

The plans max out at 5mbps upload for business accounts.  This isn't really enough for our business needs.  Residential plans are 4x that speed, where no server hosting is permitted.  

I'd pay twice a residential plan price for the same connection without the blocked ports.


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Telus will give you nearly unlimited bandwidth.  The problem is the price is also nearly unlimited for those higher speeds.  If you are talking the consumer level "best effort" services that do not involve 3 year contracts, service level agreements and massive bills then yeah, they are behind on upgrades to VDSL and increased plans where VDSL is up and running for business customers.

They do have higher speeds for business at reasonable prices, just only for businesses on the new GPON shared fibre networks which has barely started to be installed in business areas.  

For the dedicated fibre options.  (Fibre not shared, dedicated pair of singlemode fibre)

Burstable 100Mbit/100Mbit fibre costs about $850/mo plus the build cost if your building does not already have fibre. Price varies with location (Cheaper for buildings with existing fibre close to central office, more in outlying areas or when portion of build cost is added to the bill)

Gigabit burstable I think was about $4000/mo depending on your 95th percentile usage desired.  

Unlimited bandwidth option usually double or triple those prices.

Want 10Gig or 40Gig?  Then the next time your dedicated sales rep takes you to lunch you can ask them about it.  

So you can be cynical and think they refuse to offer faster business best effort VDSL service to force more people to pay for dedicated managed level services.  I wouldn't entirely disagree.  

When their GPON fibre is installed to business areas these are the new speeds available

25/5 $85/mo  -Same as VDSL

50/15 $100/mo

100/20 $150/mo  

See the fibre maps to see where they are building.

Once they start building your area you will notice the Telus and AFL trucks pulling wire on poles, splicing to the splitters, and installing new cabinets by the road.