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Complete Incompetence

Just Moved In

Telus just cut off our service because we aren't paying an invoice (for a different account) they aren't sending us.

Eight years ago our Strata moved to a different management company. Telus refuses to change the invoices. Every few months we try to get it changed. They say that it will be updated on the next cycle but it never is.


We stopped their internet service back at the beginning of the year and they sent a technician to do the disconnect. But, they never stopped billing and they never sent us a bill. 

This past week they cut off the phone service that was on a different account (and fully up to date). We called to see what was happening and they told us that we never paid for the internet service even though we had cancelled it. They said we couldn't cancel it because we weren't the entity listed on the account... because they never changed it even after documented 8 years of attempts to change it.

So we call and supposedly get it straightened out and are promised that we will have service back in 24 hours. What did they do? They didn't restore the paid account service and they disconnected the emergency phones in the building fire panel, the building system, the and the elevators.


Complete and utter lying incompetence.


It looks like lawyer time.


Community Manager
Community Manager

That's definitely not the experience we want our customers to have. We can definitely escalate this to get someone to call you back directly to investigate, and to do so we'd need to verify the account for security/privacy purposes. Reach out to us over at our Twitter / X or Facebook pages and we can arrange that.