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Netflix on TELUS - June 2022


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Hey everyone! It's hard to believe but the year is almost half over. June is right around the corner, and as most of the network shows wrap up for the season, the common thought is that there's "nothing to watch" during the summer months. Well, Netflix has something to say about that as it drops some blockbuster movies and the return of a highly anticipated series for us to binge on. Remember, it's never been easier to add NETFLIX to your Optik TV package, and you can see how to do that at our website! 


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Let's take a look at some of the highly anticipated titles streaming in June as well as what I'm hooked on now!


Coming To NETFLIX in June


  • June 8 - Hustle
    • Adam Sandler stars as a down on his luck basketball scout in this hilarious sports comedy.
  • June 10 - Peaky Blinders (Season 6)
    • The Peaky Blinders return for their final season in this thrilling period drama series.
  • June 17 - Spiderhead
    • Sci-Fi action thriller starring Chris Hemsworth and Miles Teller.


Most Anticipated


Peaky Blinders (Season 6)


 I cannot wait for this season to drop. Peaky Blinders will stand as one of the best series I've ever watched, and after five award-winning seasons, fans agree. The sixth and final season is finally upon us, with Cillian Murphy and the rest of the stellar cast returning for one last batch of episodes. A war vet who fought in the trenches, Tommy Shelby (Murphy) has been a gangster, a business owner, a feared captain of industry, an undercover spy, and even a Member of Parliament. Now he leads his family and crew on one last trial as the consequences of his misdeeds and actions finally come to a head. Originally airing on BBC, Peaky Blinders is finally here for us on Netflix and it looks incredible.



I've been a massive fan of this series, and they capture the time perfectly. From the spot-on costuming and cinematography, to the portrayals of the main and recurring cast, this is a series that hooks you from the start and leaves you wanting to know what happens next. As the story takes place in the turbulent period immediately following the First World War, it's easy to see how someone with a cunning mind and no fear is able to become so powerful, and it's been fascinating to watch how they morph from a street level English crime family to a powerhouse syndicate throughout the nation, even infiltrating the government. If you're a fan of thrilling drama along the lines of Breaking Bad and the criminally underrated series Taboo, then you've come to the right place. The final season of Peaky Blinders will be streaming to enjoy on June 10!



What I'm Watching Now


Stranger Things (Season 4: Part 1)


Yes, this just dropped. Yes, I may have waited up to watch the first episode as soon as it was available. No, I didn't stop at one episode. We all know there's no judgement when it comes to Stranger Things. It's been so long since the last season dropped, that I couldn't wait to see the next episode with the crew in Hawkins, Indiana. Much to my delight (but not surprise), it didn't take long for me to get completely wrapped up once again. Stranger Things is back and better than ever!



I don't even know where to begin to describe what's happened this season so far. If you remember, Hopper managed to finally stop the Russian assassin last season, but was left inside a room with no escape when Joyce closed the gate to the Upside Down. Closing the gate also weakened the Mind Flayer monster that had been terrorizing Hawkins which allowed Eleven and the crew to finally defeat it, but at what cost? Is Hopper still alive? Did Eleven's powers really disappear for good? So far there's been little in the way of answers, and I definitely won't spoil anything here but just let me say you need to watch this as soon as possible. It's amazing to see this series back after such a long wait, and the first episode ending alone sets up what is sure to be a crazy season! Be sure to check out the new season of Stranger Things to get caught up before the second part of the season drops later this summer!



Let me know if you plan on watching or if there's anything else you're currently hooked on in the comments below!


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