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Netflix on TELUS - December 2023




Hey everyone! Hope you're doing well and enjoying the autumn season! December is right around the corner...and the year is almost over! Netflix is going to keep the fun rolling as usual, with another great month of highly anticipated content to check out!


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Let's take a look at some of the highly anticipated titles streaming in December as well as what I'm hooked on now!


Coming To Netflix in December


  • December 8 - Leave The World Behind
    • Ethan Hawke and Julia Roberts star in a new psychological thriller from Sam Esmail (Mr. Robot).
  • December 22 - Rebel Moon (Part One: A Child of Fire)
    • The highly anticipated sci-fi epic from Zack Snyder finally drops.


Most Anticipated


Rebel Moon (Part One: A Child of Fire)


Easily the most anticipated Netflix film of the year, Rebel Moon is dropping just before Christmas and there's no chance I'm not watching it the first chance I get. Zack Snyder's epic space opera / action thriller is finally upon us. Initially Snyder's vision that he took to Lucasfilm for a new, more mature Star Wars movie...Rebel Moon tells of a universe controlled by a corrupt government and its army, the Imperium. A former member turned defector must seek redemption for her past as part of the oppressive Imperium by recruiting warriors from across the galaxy to take a stand for freedom. Yeah, this is going to be awesome.



How great does that look? From the deep lore and symbolism, to the fantastic cinematography and stellar cast. This has all the makings of a new franchise that'll be here to stay. I'm a huge fan of science fiction that is more than just spaceships and aliens, but with elements that we can all relate to. Sure, I love Star Wars and Star Trek, but give me Dune, too. From geopolitics, to greed, and faith...Rebel Moon looks to have it all in abundance. I recently saw (and loved) Gareth Edwards' underappreciated sci-fi epic 'The Creator' (really...check it out) and this looks to be yet another action packed hit. Just in time for your holiday break, catch Rebel Moon when it drops December 22 on Netflix!




What I'm Watching Now




This mini-series sort of came out of nowhere for me, personally. I read briefly about it but not until it was already on Netflix did I take the minute to check out the trailer. Obviously, that same night I was watching the first episode to catch up as soon as possible. You'd be wise to do the same, because 'Bodies' is remarkable. This taut crime thriller / science fiction 8 episode mini-series starts with the appearance of a body in London. The same discovery however is found in the same four different time periods: 1890, 1941, 2023, and 2053. Four different detectives must solve the crime in their respective times. If you've watched any science fiction shows or movies, you'll know where this is headed. There are definitely some surprises along the way though!



It's SO good! I'm a huge fan of both gripping detective stories, as well as intelligent science fiction. This series definitely intertwines the two in a refreshing and exciting way. There's some great cliffhangers along the way, with a very satisfying and surprising finale to boot. With a terrific cast and a fun murder mystery time travel plot, you owe it to yourself to check out 'Bodies' on Netflix today!




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