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Amazon Prime Video - August 2021


Hope you're having a great summer so far! August is almost upon us and with it comes a batch of awesome original content on Amazon Prime Video! As you may know, Amazon Prime Video is now available as part of the Optik TV experience, and the Prime Video app is on the Optik TV 4K media box as well. There's a ton of great original content let's take a look at what's headed our way next month and what I'm watching now!


Note: The latest 4K PVR is required to view Amazon Prime Video on Optik. For all account and viewing questions, see our page at




🎞 Most Anticipated 🎞


Nine Perfect Strangers


I'll be honest, I knew nothing about this series until first seeing the trailer for it last month. Never heard of the book, had no idea...  Oh boy, if I only knew, I would've been through the roof with anticipation for this. Nine Perfect Strangers is the new series based on the Liane Moriarty story of the same name, and it looks incredible. Nine people attend a wellness retreat known as Tranquillum for various reasons. They're there to get well and move past whatever is ailing them...though they may be in for more than they bargained for.



Wow, that looks incredible. And what a cast. Nicole Kidman seems to be firing on all cylinders when it comes to the 'what is she hiding' host, and the rest of the cast looks perfect. I'm always a huge fan of these types of stories, where you know something's just not right, but waiting to see how it all comes to the surface. This reminds me of another criminally underrated show Devs from last year (be sure to check that out as well!) so it's right up my alley. I can only imagine what dark secrets these nine people will uncover as the series progresses.


Look for the first three episodes to be on Amazon Prime Video on August 20, with the rest of the episodes to drop weekly thereafter!



📺 Currently Watching 📺


One of the best things about Amazon Prime Video is how many seasons of great shows there already are to binge on. Whether you've always been meaning to catch up on a show, or heard good things but never started...Amazon Prime Video has you covered. Let's take a look at a series that I'm currently hooked on.


The Stand


You may have missed hearing about this Stephen King adaptation; there wasn't a lot of hype surrounding it's premiere but a few months have passed and I finally finished it off. Let me tell you, it was worth it. In a genre somewhat overpopulated with similar storylines, The Stand really hit home for me with its fantastic cast and great cliffhangers. For the uninitiated, this is based on the ultra popular Stephen King story and involves a pandemic in the near future resulting from a military mishap. A lethal strain of influenza is accidentally released which wipes out almost all of the world's population. Amidst the chaos a few survivors must choose a side, setting up a final good-vs-evil confrontation.



Obviously this has undertones that are more relevant today than ever, and I found it very fascinating to watch the forces of good and evil band up and get ready for a showdown. Featuring a star-studded cast including Whoopi Goldberg, Greg Kinnear, and James're definitely in for a treat. It's the perfect mix of realistic fears and concerns as well as supernatural mysticism and science fiction. Be sure to check out the series streaming now on Amazon Prime Video!




What are you currently hooked on? Let me know in the comments below!


Disclaimer: For all shows/movies, please refer to the Maturity Ratings associated with each programming prior to consumption. See for details. Amazon, Prime Video and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.