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Telus Security Door To Door Salesman

What’s up with this Telus door to door salesman harassment? Today we had 3 guys come around and wanted us to do a free upgrade on our system and then charge me more than 2x more than what I’m paying now. I told them I’m totally happy with my ADT system and that I’m still on a contract for 23 months. They they threatened me saying that they can cancel me anytime they want. So I said who cares, I’ll just go with someone else like Telsco or a Ring, Nest or Wyze system. Then the idiot got really offended and got mad. He asked why do I have a old ADT sign still, so I told him that the new Telus sign is ugly and I’m not going to use it. Then he insisted that I change it right away. I told him to screw off. **bleep**, unbelievable!


As soon as I find out they are trying to sell me something I just say "No thank you" and close the door. There is no point having any discussion with them.



Was this Smart Haven Security? See my post under that thread title.

Just Moved In
I had a absolute horrible experience with someone door to door just now. I was being polite and told him I wasn’t interested and gave a few reasons why and he just kept going. After about the fourth time of him telling me I was wrong about some of the concerns I had I flat out said no thanks I’d like you to leave please. To which he said “So you don’t want to protect your family?” You don’t think they are worth 30 dollars a month. I was just dumbfounded. This as my dog can see me getting irritated and immediately came to the door barking. If this is what Telus is sending door to door I’m considering canceling all my services with Telus. Our three phones, internet, cable.

Just Moved In
I had a horrible experience today with smart haven door to door salesmen. I was being polite and listening and let them finish. I brought up a few concerns with what they were offering and was told I was flat out wrong and didn’t know what I was talking about. I said that’s fine I’m not interested. They then continued on explaining the prices. I said again I wasn’t interested. On again saying it was a promotion for our neighbour and I should be thankful they chose our house for this service. They continued on again sorry but no thank you I’m not interested. To which he says “So you don’t want to protect your family?” Your families Saftey isn’t worth 30 dollars a month?” I stood there dumbfounded someone would come to my door and say that. My dog could instantly sense the mood change and came running to the door growling. I stood there still stunned. Is this is what Telus is sending to the field to represent them in sales I’m honestly considering cancelling all my telus services. Our fiber, three phones, cable all of it.

Hi Chowser, we're sorry about the negative experience.  I'll also be sending you a private message to get more information about the interaction you've had with the door to door representative so that we can follow up on this.  Thanks! 

Hey Chowser, can you please turn on your private messaging through your account settings so that I can reach out to you directly? Thank you! 


Hey there, that definitely doesn't sound right at all. I'll be sending you a private message shortly to follow up on this.  Thank you!