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Rude door-to-door salesperson


Just had two young door-to-door salesperson trying to sell Telus services. I was genuinely interested in the security system, but once they found out I was not going to sign up today (I told them I would like to do more research), they immediately changed their tone and told me that they would not sell to me.


This was such an unpleasant experience, as not only did they wasted my time, but also gave me attitude afterwards. I understand they are likely sub-contractors, but I wish Telus will enforce a better guideline on how to treat potential customers. I will likely never consider Telus services in the future.


Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Hi there, we're sorry to hear about the experience you had with our door to door representatives, there conducts are certainly not tolerated.  Did you happen to have their names? If you do we can follow up on a private message.  Thank you.