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Is there a way to get support from a human without calling?

Just Moved In

Also, boy do I have some complaints about the system. I came over from Vivint last year (because Telus acquired them.. yay.) and this system is a total down grade from what I had with Vivint. Just to list a few reasons why:

1. Only recently they got schedule stuff implemented but it's still lacking big time.
2. There is no differentiation between locking the door lock from the buttons or from the inside (Vivint has had that for YEARS).

3. The doorbell camera video is 720p (that's a laughable resolution) and looks like garbage, it'll detect a tree branch swinging in the corner but if someone comes up to my driveway? Not a chance. Again, Vivint has detection boxes for their doorbell camera, Telus doesn't.


I made the mistake of looking at the FAQs on the Telus site:


Why did TELUS purchase my security company?

As a provider of state-of-the-art automation and security services to homes and businesses across the country, TELUS has decided to acquire strategic security companies, taking the perfect opportunity to bring world-leading technology to even more Canadians, just like you.


Are you joking with this? I already had "world-leading technology" with Vivint and then you acquired them (Canadian side) only to try to reduce the competition.


If I could cancel my contract without paying a fee, I absolutely would. And I'll be honest, anybody that asks about it I tell them never to go with Telus for security, not worth it.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, I'll send you a private message to discuss further. Thanks.