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How to get help with telus


Telus service is the worst! Hard to get a hold of. I finally talked to someone, they couldn't figure it out on he spot and were supposed to get back to me they never did. Now I have to wait on hold during limited business hours. Service really sucks!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Was this regarding a SmartHome Security account?

Have you had the chance to speak with our team yet?

Took a long time with really bad chatbot, then got a phone number, waited on hold for a long time, talked to someone, they couldn't figure out the problem, said they would call back but never did.
I called back a few days later, chatbot says, "OK, I will connect you to an agent". Then says "Our offices are currently closed. Try again tomorrow" and hangs up. Tried next days. still closed apparently.

I'll send you a private message to discuss further, thanks.