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How to remove a sensor from panel?

Just Moved In
Almost rid of all my services with Telus, an hour to order a new sensor, I'm at two hours try to remove my defective sensor. No help online, calling them is a royal joke. I have the sensor number and all that jazz, how can I remove it from my panel to get it to stop monitoring it?

Can't wait to never have to give this oligopy any money ever again.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hopefully you were left with a user guide from the installation. You should be able to access the programming mode of the panel and navigate to the sensor management section. From there, there should be an option to delete or remove a sensor. It'll ask for the specific sensor and/or sensor panel number. 


Have you been able to get this done or speak with our team since posting?

Only able to rename it, not able to remove it.

Give our SmartHome team a call at their direct number 1-855-255-8828 and they can look into it with you.