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Installation Overcharge

Just Moved In

Took advantage of the TELUS offer for free installation to upgrade our former ADT home security system.  The promise was free replacement panel, sensors, motion detector etc. in exchange for a new contract.  The first and subsequent invoices came in showing full charges for everything with no offsets as promised.  There are not enough hours in the day to spend trying to reach a TELUS rep to discuss the issue and hope they get it right.  The AI reposes from the chat system simply provide generic billing guidance. With more than a dozen TELUS accounts, I'd hope for better treatment.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @jefferybriggs, I'm going to send a private message your way shortly to see how we can help. Please keep an eye out for it 🙂

Just Moved In

Yes I am currently experiencing the same thing. I have ADT system for a number of years  and over the course of 2023 received many phone calls from TELUS asking to upgrade my system as it would become obsolete with the new network. In December of 2023 I received not one by two registered mail letters from TELUS requesting contact to upgrade my alarm system.   I then spoke with an agent on the line who advised that a technician would be attending my residence and upgrading the system so that it would work properly moving forward at no charge. The agent then advised that I would see additional charges on my bill that had to be documented but would be credited right away so to just ignore them. Well the technician showed up and was surprised stating that he was told that this was a brand new telus alarm install and that he was not aware that we were already alarm holders. The technician then stated that he would just transition and upgrade the sensors and panel that we already had. The Technician then spent a few hours installing leaving old equipment and installing right next to the old equipment  leaving my residence looking now cluttered with multiple smoke  alarms and sensors. I asked him about the old alarm panel and he told me that that would be staying unless I wanted to pay $100 to have it removed. Hmm no charge I thought.  Anyway Feb bill arrived with a $353 bill instead of my regular $50.39 bill. I left as I was told and now into March and have received a $5.30 late payment fee and and my monthly bill has now increased to $52.34. So with the extra fees that I was suppose to ignore is now $405.75. I called the beginning of March and spoke to an agent who after 25 minutes of reviewing the file stated that they located that the account was suppose to be credited and had to email an agent and would take a few days to process. I waited for two weeks and nothing. I contacted another agent and was very upset this time as I had to explain everything again. The agent then attempted to tell me that the charges were not paid and then after some further review I was told that the account would be credited but would again take a couple of days and a managers approval. Well its been a week and nothing has changed. I will wait until Monday and waste more of my time calling Telus.