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Firmware Update Qolsys Panel


Has anyone had any success in getting Telus Technical Support to download a firmware update to their Qolsys Panel 2+ and Qolsys Remote Panels (secondary keyboard) remotely (ie, via internet)?  (This is similar to getting updated OS updates in your phone, etc.) Each year over the past 2 years, I have called Telus Technical Support, and they said, yes, there is a firmware update, and they told me that they initiated sending it to me remotely. They said it may take a little time, but all should be fine. But in checking afterwards, the firmware/software revision is not changed on either device.


I am not sure if there is something unusual with my particular set up such that the remote updates are not getting through or if Telus Technical Support can even do this. 


Appreciate knowing the experience of others on this.  Thanks.




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello! Not sure why it hasn't been updating remotely, but your best bet may be for us to escalate this. Reach out to us over on our Twitter account or send us a private message at our Facebook page so we can verify to get your account information and pass it off to our escalation team, thanks!


My panel has never been updated since it was installed. Current OS version is Android 5.1.1  .


Wikipedia shows this version to have been released in 2015 and last patched in 2018.


This is a common issue for "Internet Appliances". Vendors assume that they can treat the appliance as a toaster and ignore the security risks.