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AlarmForce AlarmVoices EVS manual


Hello I have an AlarmVoices EVS unit 

I would like  the manual that shows me how to use it.

The unit has two RJ11 ports, I have no idea what they do. I am assuming a touch tone phone plugs into one of them?


I need to know the procedure on how to reset it if I do not know the code.


I have the one on the right on the page below


Replacing the batteries for my AlarmForce equipment | TELUS Support


Thank you


Community Manager
Community Manager

Can you take a picture of the unit you're referring to? Thanks!

I have the one on the right pictured above

It has two RJ11 jacks on the side, One plugs into the phone line (wall) the other plugs into a touch tone phone.

Using the phone keypad I can send commands to the unit, but I do not have the manual which tells me the commands or how to reset the code