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Cellular / WiFi / Dry Loop Connection

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Hi ,


My question is related to the connection between the keypad and your monitoring stations. 


Is the connection made with Cellular , WIFI, or is it done through Dry Loop?


Thank you,




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Community Power User

The keypad is cellular connected, as well as using your local Wi-Fi network for cameras, locks, etc, and low power BlueTooth (Z-Wave) for the security telltales (doors, smoke detectors, and motion detectors).



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Thanks for the response. However I cannot find it written in stone anywhere that the keypad is connected via GSM network. This worrys me, wireless connection should be one of the highlighted features, and because it is not mentioned anywhere I would assume it is a wifi or Dry Loop connection.

The one time I was broken into the intruders had cut the landline which I don't even have. A Dry Loop was used by the security company which comes through a land line.

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I doubt it'll be GSM. Telus doesn't have a GSM network and the only provider in Canada that has one is shutting it down nation wide, next year.

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I believe the security systems use the telus mobility network to communicate to the monitoring station. I think this because under service eligibility it say you must live in the HSPA coverage area.

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The panel runs off TELUS mobility service as seen below



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