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TELUS TV+ remote programming Bose soundbar

Just Moved In
Hello I am trying to program my remote to Bose soundbar have got it to mute so it does work the volume up/down and mute. However it does not power it on or off so still have to use Bose remote. This worked with our old optik boxes and the troubleshooting page provides a link to do manually but the link gives you a Google page error. Can someone help me with manual process and codes for Bose please and thank you.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. You can give this a try. There's a default main method, and if it doesn't work, you can try the manual method below. If neither work for you (a few models from basically every brand won't work and may need our Tech Support team's support), you can call 1-888-811-2323 for help.


Main Method

The code for Bose here is actually 0. So, with your Optik remote, try this:


1. Make sure your sound bar is on and you can hear sound.

2. Press and hold both the Mute and 0 buttons for a few seconds. The green LED light on your remote should stay on.

3. Press the right-side of the circular pad on the remote.

4. If the sound bar mutes, press the volume up/down to make sure volume control works.

5. If it does, press the OK button to lock things in and you should be done.


Manual Method

Bose codes for this method are: 73, 287, 256, 119, 110. Here are the steps:


1. Same as before, make sure your sound bar is on.

2. Press and hold both the OK and Mute buttons on your remote until the green LED light stays on.

3. Enter the first code above.

4. The green LED light on your remote should blink twice and then go off.

5. Test the mute button, volume up/down, etc. 

6. If it works, you're done!

7. If the mute and volume don't work, back to step 2 and try the next number code and so on.


Hope that helps!

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Thanks @A-B,


For others out there with different AV setups, check out this support article: (specifically the section labeled 'Pairing your TELUS Remote to AV receivers and soundbars').

Just Moved In
Thank you I already used the main method and it worked for mute and volume just not power on/off. I will try the manual option. The Bose we have paired on the slimline 2 no problem so you would think we would have same codes for the new remote.

I had the same issue and couldn't find a solution to turn on/off. Only volume. I just ended up leaving it on.
Fortunately I still have my old Shaw remote that turns the tv & soundbar on/off and volume properly. So if I REALLY need to turn all devices off/on, then I use that remote.
Seems rediculous I know,, but this OPTV system is full of shortcomings. This is just one more annoyance.