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How to set Digital Box Volume - Optik


In the instructions for programming a remote for Optik TV, the first step is always to set the volume on the digital box to 25. I have two questions:

1. Why is this necessary ?

2. How do you do it ? As far as I can tell, there's no way to get the Digital Box volume displayed on your TV before the remote is programmed to control the TV, so how do we know what the Digital Box volume is ?


Grateful if anyone has answers.






Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Fred - The volume is set to 25 because if it's any lower, a customer might be needing to increase the volume of their TV, soundbar, etc and if for any reason we need to replace the box, reboot it, or we reset the volume back to 25 then it will be super loud.


To answer your second question, it depends on the generation of the remote. I will send you a message 


- Eric

I have both Slimline and Slimline2 remotes. I'd definitely like to know how this is done.


And thanks for the answer to my "why" question. I thought maybe the 25 setting for the volume disabled the "normal" function of the "Options" key when programming. Because one thing I noted was that the Options key brings up some kind of a menu, and if you continue to program the remote while that menu is active, the programming does not seem to work.





You should be able to increase or decrease the volume with pressing the volume button. Our tech support team can also reset the volume back to 25 on our end. 


If you are unable to increase or decrease the Optik box volume it's most likely that the remote is paired to the TV so the Optik volume should be at 25