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Recording issues


When are these problems going to be fixed?  Seems like they have been outstanding for quite some time, even before I signed up for Optik Android TV.


1.  Recording begins too early and then cuts off the last few minutes of the show.

2.  Option to add extra time to a recording, especially for sporting events.


Seems like I'm paying a lot of money for a sub par service.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. That's definitely not the experience we want our customers to have! I'll send you a private message to discuss further!

Is this forum not the right place to discuss it further?

Hi @Rocky3 , normally when you see us sending a private message to "discuss" further is usually us asking for account details so we can pull up activities and reporting to investigate further. We advise against sharing personal information on public forums, that's why sometimes we'll reach out privately. 

Great, perhaps if it was so mentioned as reason. Bt I have seen often now where I will PM you and then the thread goes dead leaving me to wonder if a one off solution was found.

there are definitely times when we realized it was an account issue and we were either able to fix it on the spot, or we recommended the customer call in. Also sometimes we confirm a bug exists after reviewing the account activity, and the thread goes dead because we need to resource the fix and then push out the release, which can take a while...

OK, we see the same. We also see the many people saying nothing ever gets fixed. And now I see that lack of closure with a fixed problem in a thread makes it seem that way.

There are definitely several major issues that's been floating around, and it's taking a while to fix (aka recordings), but a lot of the smaller issues that are account-related do get fixed. It becomes difficult to keep everyone updated since it takes days to verify what the issue and solution should be for the quick fixes and months for the bigger issues, and in the meantime, more issues are popping up! I can try to submit a solution summary for the threads that are closed if I have the bandwidth. If you have ideas, feel free to DM me 🙂

We all are.
Anxiously awaiting some signs of improvement on the multitude of shortcomings.
Every month that goes by is $40 less on the cancellation fee penalty combined with whatever credits I can get out of Rogers,,the break even point is nearing.
Also looking at IPTV packages instead, much cheaper. Even if they are as unreliable as this garbage,, I'll at least be getting what I paid for. Instead of this premium price for garbage support and functionality.


Are you still waiting?


Kate, you are the middle(wo)man in this. I am not a programmer per say but understand that what we get was developed by a programmer. Think they call it code writing. If it is proprietary then maybe nothing can be done.

But IF Telus actually employs programmers for software and they actualy know the trade a modification can be made to said program. 1's & 0's. And it should not take weeks or months to make this version do what previous versions already have done, that code is already written.

As for thread closure the OP or moderator should be able to close thread with solution received spelled out.



Community Power User
Community Power User

Depending on the complexity, code changes can actually take weeks or months. Testing the revised code to ensure there are no bugs can also take time. The new set top boxes have zero code in common with the old Optik TV boxes as they are a completely different platform and operating system. Any features that may have existed on the old platform may not have a counterpart on the new platform yet.

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Agreed. Code changes take time, but maybe if they actually tested the system before it was released we (paying customers) wouldn't be left trying to deal with this dumpster fire and an inordinate amount of issues - TelusTV-21T.


In fairness to Telus, I happen to know that they have had nothing but issues this past few years. The introduction of the TelusTV-21T was supposed to fix those problems. I happen to know this as I have customers that switched from Shaw to Telus and back to Shaw in the past few years. That timetable barely included the rollout of current Android.


Tested the system before rollout LOL, Windows 10 was supposed to be the last one, they tested 9 and bypassed it. Code writing only takes time if you do not have the techs or desire to fix a problem

Sorry but not following your logic here... If Telus had nothing but issues in the past few years, why release an untested and massively flawed system? That's just going to alienate people more, just exacerbating the issue.


Proper testing is vital. I have no knowledge about the Windows issue you refer to, but maybe it didn't meet the required standard for release? hence the reason it was shelved. Smart & sensible move!


Code writing does take time, if it's functionality & usability is tested properly, which it obviously should be. I started work in I.T. in 1992, traveled to numerous countries around the globe in various roles. I'm certain that if I had a major input into a system such as this, my career would have been very short lived. 😆


So, here's my update.  I spent about 30 minutes on the phone with support.  They had me do a bunch of things such as rebooting all the TV boxes and router.  They then did some things on their end.  After they were done, I told them I'd try a couple of recordings to see what has happened.  Okay, so now it records to the end of the show, but it starts recording about 2 minutes too late!  So, you get the ending, but now you don't know how it starts!  Unbelievable.  Not sure if calling back is going to make any difference.  Seems like the system is really messed up.

sounds like they changed the internal clock to shift the start/stop time within the same total period of time as before. 

ie: your device sees real time 8pm as 7:58 so recording starts 8:02 real time. Nah, must be more technical.

@TWONG02 if you have a chance, can you respond to @A-B 's DM? Sometimes the issue doesn't get routed from the call agent to the development team, so if you can provide your account info to AB, I can escalate this to the development team to see if they have solutions. 


Good luck. Been waiting 6 months for any improvements!

" I'm paying a lot of money for a sub par service." really just encapsulates the numerous threads throughout the forum...
Maybe they should employ AI to augment the s/w development. I've seen and heard stories of AI can develop s/w in a fraction of time. 😉

LOL, it does indeed. No worries, I heard rumours they are working on some new fangled recording system but are still working on some technical issues... It's called Betamax 🤣