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Optik Evolution Surround Sound Problem


After a couple of weeks with the new Telus Evolution, I noticed that I was getting little to no surround sound and even having to change my receiver to simulated surround mode just to get my sub amps to output. Using the Netflix app on the Telus box, I tested with a Dolby Atmos movie (war scene from All Quiet on the Western Front) and there is almost no sound out of the surround speakers - I can hear it a little if I put my ear to the speaker. If I resume the movie via Apple TV 4K through the same amp, which sends all signals to the TV via the same active 8K HDMI cable, I'm fully immersed in a war zone. I just ended a tech call to essentially be told that there is a known issue with the output of 5.1 and that there is no repair date noted yet. As I search online, I find complaints from 4 months ago for the same issue. They even advertise that the new Optik supports Dolby Atmos. How can Telus market this feature when they are well aware that it is not working? Totally deceptive. Every day that passes, I have come to realize that Telus is using us to beta test a system that is plagued with issues and a tech support team that appears to have little training on supporting the new gear. Come on Telus, get your act together. I didn't sign up to be a product tester.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. It may be best to post this issue as well in the other thread that I see you've posted in:

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @Q4W  I made a response here, sorry I missed this thread!

Previous existing surround sound-enabled channels are now fixed, we are working on enabling the rest of the channels in the coming months!