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Digital optical audio connection to Naim receiver


I recently upgraded to TelusTV-21T TV box and high-speed fibre connection. I previously had Shaw and used their Arris Group Model AX013ANM TV Cable box and was able to connect to my 2-year old Naim stereo receiver using the optical audio connection - audio worked great.

When I connect it to the TelusTV-21T TV Box all I get is repetitive staccato noise. The only way I can get it to work is with the Telus 4K VIP5602W TV box and with that I need to set it to stereo digital audio output setting and turn the volume up twice as loud as previously, and it does not sound near as great. If I use the surround sound or Dolby Digital Plus setting I get the staccato noise.

I tried using the TV optical out connection and got no sound.

I have tried different optical cables that I know work, and that does not correct the problem.

Using the TelusTV-21T TV box on my other TV it works fine using the optical audio connection to my old Harman Kardon receiver.

Hoping someone has a solution - starting to wish I had left well enough alone...


Community Manager
Community Manager

Sorry about that! Your best bet may be to reach out to our Tech Support team directly so they can troubleshoot from their end. They're available anytime at 1-888-811-2323 or via Live Chat online over at

I have spent quite sometime speaking with them and they have not been able to figure it out.

From the Naim chat forum, someone suggested the new TelusTV 21T box output is in multichannel format. My Naim receiver apparently has pulse-code modulation (PCM) 2 channel only, which is why the stereo audio output setting works from the VIP5602W TV box as I assume it is 2 channel. 

Could that explain it? If so, is there a solution to allow us to use the TelusTV 21T box as the interface is better with it than the VIP5602W TV box? Can the output from the TelusTV 21T box be set to be compatible with 2 channel PCM?


The VIP5602W has a menu setting to control the digital audio output format. The TelusTV 21T likely has it as well. You need to set it to stereo.


BDW/xray - why you are hijacking my thread?  
Maybe you posted on the wrong thread?  If not please start a new thread for your own issue.


And thanks Community Manager, I haven't done that - I will.  I just thought it might be something I was doing wrong and didn't want to add to the support load.


Arghhh, profuse apologies!


Somehow, I ended up on the wrong thread myself - how ironic.

Nevermind, I wish I could delete my reply 😞