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Optik Evolution: Questions About Recording Playback


Question 1: Is there a way to turn off the auto-play of the next episodes of recorded series? The message comes up and gives 2 options: start the next episode now or dismiss the message but this doesn't stop the next episode from starting. There are no other options and no stop button on the remote. Even the back arrow (lower left of the OK button) brings up the overlay graphics but the recording keeps playing in the background.


Question 2: Also somewhat related to the first question, is there anyway to stop a playback that has been started other than starting another recording or by going to Live TV or an App? Even if I am at the end of the episode and I want to delete it early (as the system automatically records extra time), I select delete, the confirmation message appears but the rest of the episode continues to play to the very end and then auto plays the next episode if there is one. @Optik-Kate 



I have the Telus TV Digital + cloud recording and have the same (similar) issue in Q1. When the option to either Play next recording, or Dismiss, if you select Dismiss, it continues to the next recording when the countdown timer runs out...

This was really annoying because a series I had recorded I kept missing the last few seconds of the program thinking it was the end of the recording, when in fact it continued for another couple of minutes recorded after the timer expired.

Purely by accident on one occasion I selected 'Dismiss' but this time hit the right arrow (to the right of Okay) after and the recording continued playing until completion and then just stopped.

Surely selecting Dismiss should run to the recording end rather than changing after the countdown timer expires? But I agree a Stop button really is required.

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @Q4W & @MrSL Thanks for flagging this. I was able to replicate the experience to some extent. I notice if I dismiss the "play next" pop-up, the countdown disappears, but the episode will end prematurely when the "invisible countdown" hits zero and it will jump to the next episode. However, if I hit dismiss and hit "ok" to pause the playback, and hit "ok" again to unpause playback, I find the recording will play till the end, but it will still jump to the next episode once the current one ends. That said, if I hit "ok", the screen pauses, and I can bring up any new overlay graphics without the recording playing in the background. Does that help? 

Hi, the same happens if I ``dismiss`` and hit the right arrow - the recording will play till the end, but it will still jump to the next episode once the current one ends.

IMHO it seems a poorly thought out process. If it was my design I would want the following to happen; (a bit OTT but the best way i can explain... 😏)



Thanks @MrSL , that's an impressive flow chart. I was able to confirm with the development team that this is not the expected experience, and we've added a ticket for this bug. Hoping to have this fixed soon! 

I get the same until play till recording ends, but if there is a next episode recorded of the series it will start playing it after show ends. Press play and lose the end of the current show 


I have to say that Evolution boxes were absolutely not ready for release to the general public; more beta testing and revisions based on feedback was needed. It is plagued with issues, poorly thought out/missing features and technical issues that were reported several months ago and that are unresolved (example surround sound/atmos not functioning properly has posts that are 4 months old. On my call last week I was told that an issue was recognized but an expected fix date has been established). For my main viewing room, I am using Apple TV 4K instead of the Evolution box so I can at least have proper sound. It is unfathomable that a brand new device is released and there hasn't even been a dedicated online tutorial and support area. Searching for help steers you to the original Optik articles and even their techs are at times following solutions for the wrong system. At this point, I would say that this system is actually a step backwards in its current format and Telus is going to take a big PR hit on this if they can't get on top of the issues faster.