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Bulk Series Delete - Care to comment?


Anyone from Telus care to comment on a post from +3 weeks ago? ZERO response so far... pitiful!




to follow on... I recently deleted a 'Series Recording' . BBC First CH375, Qi. Despite the fact, according to recording options stating it would be recorded only 'once in 24 hours' I have multiple recordings of the same series/episode per day:




85 recordings in total and I'm not going to manually delete each, so it can stay until Telus get this basic function working!


2 simple questions;


When will a bulk delete option be available?


Why did this recording record multiple recordings of the same series / episode the same day?



Bulk delete is automatic 90 days after the recording. 🙄


@MrSL you have been here for a while, you do know this forum is designed to allow us to blow off steam without giving an ear full to a custimer service rep. Just wait, this thread will be closed without a solution like so many others, Oh that was another thread I started. But it does pass the time in between the good days.

🤣good one @Rocky3 !


Yeah, what was I thinking asking for Telus to respond in a timely manner 😆. Their setting a great example for our new posters.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Happy New Year to you too @MrSL & @Rocky3 

I have a tentative date on when we'll roll out bulk delete, but you probably won't like it. 

But hey, it's a new year, so let's set a new tone for how things will go. 

Bulk delete is tentatively launching in June. (See, I said you wouldn't like it)

This post will auto-close after 90 days because that's just how the neighbourhood is set up, but don't worry, the request is still documented and forwarded to the development team even if it's closed! 

In terms of responses on Neighbourhood, I think it was mentioned before that this is a place for users to communicate and share experiences. If you're unsatisfied with the response time from the mods or me, you are welcome to chat with our agents through the chatbot or call in. The agents will log your ticket and the request will flow through the same!




Happy New year

Thank you for letting us know all threads are auto closed 90 days after posting. This allows for new threads to be started on the sme topic without having to read through pages of the same issue.

Happy New Year @Optik-Kate  Wishing you a healthy, happy & prosperous 2024!


Umm, your comment; "But hey, it's a new year, so let's set a new tone for how things will go

Bulk delete is tentatively launching in June." I hope this doesn't imply that it will tentatively take 6 months for any future improvements...  😆


I know I sound like a broken record, but the system should have had features like this before release 🤔. Not really things that I would like, but things most users would expect from a new release.


As for replying to posts. I was referring in particular to a post by user Ann3. where I commented. There was, and still has been, no response for 4+ weeks. Not really showing our new users much hope from the service provider.


Have you ever tried using the chatbot? It's easier 'banging your head against the wall' than trying to get it to refer the chat to a live agent.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

The plan is to have monthly improvements, it just so happens that the specific bulk delete feature is 6 months out. I will update the feature update post once we roll out the changes for this month. 

By new tone, I just mean I'm giving you tentative dates even though they're tentative 🙂 

In terms of the chatbot, you can request to chat with a live agent by typing "agent", if they're unavailable you will get prompted to call in instead! 

Thanks. Any update, even tentative is good to know!


I've typed many things in the chatbot, not sure if "agent' was one of them 😂