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Managing Optik TV online

Just Moved In

I have been trying for almost a week to manage my Optik TV online with no luck, and it looks like this has been happening with people for some time now from what I see from this forum? I can't change or update my package, I cant even see what theme packs we have, nor can I do anything with this app...frustrating as a new customer.

It seems my security system is not accessible through Mytelus app either?


I too have the same frustration with both the app and webpage not being able to manage package selections.
I recently reached out to Telus via Messenger and eventually received a response with a totally different link for managing my subscriptions.
Seemed to work,, I could at least see what I had and what was available to choose.
However I didn't actually make any changes, so I can't confirm if it actually works 😞.
Why they just don't fix the app and web page functionality is beyond me.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. Just following up on this. Are you still experiencing this issue?