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Intermittent PVR Issues

Helpful Neighbour

A few times this year, our PVR has completely stopped recording. Sometimes it is a couple days before we notice that nothing has recorded, although there are programs scheduled for recording. After I reboot the PVR and set top boxes it starts to record again. 


The other issue is that recordings will appear to have recorded properly - e.g. show a 1 hour timeline, but you watch (for example) 45 minutes and all of a sudden it quits and says it is done. The end of show screen comes up with options to resume or delete, but if you select resume, it comes back to the same place, you can't advance it any further. This is very annoying when you are watching a movie and miss the ending. Or even a network program - while they usually available on demand, you can't fast forward the on demand show to see the last 15 minutes that you missed. I have tried rebooting when this happens but it does not change.


So my question is, we have had it for 4 years, can they "wear out"? If I contact Telus would they give me a new pvr and might that fix the issues?




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Community Power User

It is entirely possible for there to be an issue with the PVR. You'd want to contact Telus to discuss it. If they determine it's the PVR then yes there is a possibility it can be replaced. You'd lose anything recorded on it though.


Additionally there are some channels that may have issues as well where the info they submit for the guide doesn't match what they air. It's not widespread but there are a few channels that do that. It doesn't mean your PVR has an issue. I've had HBO do it a number of times where a show was supposed to air at a certain time but whatever was before it ran way long. That resulted in the recorded show showing the end of the previous one and then cutting off at the time shown in the guide so the end was missing. 

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@Nighthawk Yes, that is why I have hesitated to call them, as I know if they do have to replace it we would lose all saved recordings. It is getting darn annoying though - watched 3,4 of a Hallmark movie yesterday before it quit - now how will I ever know if they guy gets the girl??!! 


@FuzzyLogic it is wired to the router - the set top boxes are wireless.


Thanks, I will contact them.

Your issue(s) described will more then likely be a PVR replacement as @Nighthawk suggests. While you’ll lose all recordings. The OnDemand section will have most content you recorded. It won’t be 100% but should have over 70%. 

As with anything using a mechanical hard drive they do eventually start to fail. Circuit boards sometimes fail.

Yes, that is what I was thinking - we have been recording and deleting for 4 years, maybe it could get bad sectors like a computer hard drive. I will contact them. Thanks.

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Community Power User

Is your PVR connected wired or wirelessly?


If it's wireless you may be losing connectivity to your router. If that's not the case then there are various possibilities as to what could be causing the problem including the PVR failing.



Just a long time customer hoping to help.


If you are hardwired and not on wifi.....your PVR is pooched.  Just call and get a new replacement, which is free 


If you are hardwired and not on wifi.....your PVR is pooched.  Just call and get a new replacement, which is free.  You can probably on demand your stored recording you will lose 



Interesting, we had some similar issues with our PVR which is only a year old. It would intermittently stop and then reboot. We also saw some similar issues. Ours is hard wired. I called Telus support and they support tech had me reboot all the set top boxes and the the PVR, the rebooted the modem -  I told him that I had done all that prior and wanted a replacement - his response was he wanted to try the reboots and see what happens - it has only been three days and the issues has not resurfaced but I am not entirely convinced this did the trick - but we shall see

They did the same with me. I told them I wasn't going to reboot everything, because I have done it many times. Anyways he rebooted everything from his end (don't know if he did anything "extra") and now we are waiting to see. They are supposed to call me back in a week to see how it is going. I am not convinced either - it doesn't happen all the time, weeks will go by and everything tapes fine, but when it starts to act up, pretty much everything we tried to tape ends up incomplete.


Telus stuff is finicky as hell....but once you get it running its bulletproof.


Stand your ground and demand replacements ....pretty much all they teach thier technicians.  Replace it!!!  I have worked in the industry so I trouble shot my problems ....maybe more for fun than anything....but the problem got solved.  All that matters