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Telus Mobility Promotion Scam

Just Moved In

Hey everyone, just a general warning today I fell for a scam pretending to be Telus Mobility Promotion. Got a call from +1 (289) 233-9959 then +1 (825) 525-1788 offering a new iPhone 14 max pro + Apple Watch + 50GB for $50/month. I agreed and gave my name, DOB, email address, current & previous address.  Then he asked for 2 IDs which could be passport, driving license, SIN, etc. When he mentioned the SIN I realized it may be a scam. So I hung up and called Telus Customer Service directly who confirmed they have no such offer and it must be a scam.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Yeah, that scam has been going around for a while now. They fake or spoof the caller ID. 289 area code is Toronto-ish. 825 is all of Alberta. The price is waaaaay too low just for the devices alone. If it was a entry level 14 Max, it is $1549 before tax ($65/mo for 24 mo from Apple). A base Apple Watch SE is $329 plus tax. 50GB/mo plan also? Yeah, no. Absolute scam.


You can find instructions for report a phishing phone call here:

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Community Manager
Community Manager

In addition to @Nighthawk's link, I would also report it to the Canada Anti-Fraud Centre (but also to read their resources).