Getting double-dipped on overage charges


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My number was part of a shared plan until about a week ago when I had ownership of my number transferred to my own account with a new plan. At the time of the transfer the shared plan was approx. ~300MB over its limit, which after the transfer I noted that that overage had been applied to my new account and plan and I assumed that I had inherited the overage as part of the financial obligations for that number, as the FAQ on transfer of ownership seems to detail. (We did the transfer on the last day of the original account's billing cycle.)


That being said, when the original account owner got his monthly statement a couple days later, he noted that he was still charged for the overage that I had originally assumed that I had inherited. (He still has two other numbers on the shared plan that I had transferred away from) I still have a couple days before my first billing cycle ends but the assumption is that I'm going to get charged for this overage as well. From my standpoint, it looks like Telus is "double dipping" us by charging us twice for the same overage on different accounts.


To summarize:

  • Three numbers were part of a shared plan with a ~300MB data overage
  • I transfer ownership of my own number into my own account on a new plan. The ~300MB overage is "inherited" into my account.
  • The original owner, who still has two numbers on the same shared plan, still has the overage listed on his account as well and is billed for it.
  • Because the overage is showing on my account, I assume that I will also get billed for it. (ie. between the two of us, we'll get charged twice for the same overage.)
  • Complicating this issue could be the fact that instead of this being a simple transfer of ownership, it was a transfer of ownership where the number was also moved off a shared plan into its own personal plan.


So my questions are these:

  1. Who is supposed to be responsible for the overage charge in this situation? (Assuming it's me, as per the transfer of ownership guidelines seem to state)
  2. Assuming I do get charged for said overage as well, how would this best be handled when approaching Telus on this? (Mainly because it deals with an issue spanning two accounts)
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If you can obtain a copy of the other bill, with account number, etc., I would simply call Telus, and ask for clarification of the billing. Assuming both accounts did not incur the overage, it should be settled as you describe.



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