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Credit Rating Affected *AFTER* Closing Account

Just Moved In

I have been with Telus for years - I guess I still am technically since I swapped to Koodo.

I swapped to Koodo a couple of months ago as they had a pretty good "Bring your own device" plan that was far better than my current phone. The thing is, I had to buy out my device with my Telus plan prior to moving.

So after a ton of cancellation fees and buying out my phone, I received an email from a rep I talked to on the phone who said my balance was at $0 with Telus -- I still have this exact receipt.

I got a funny message 2 months later (this past weekend now) that said I didn't pay it out, and I had $15 on it and it affected my credit rating...

This is insane, obviously the rep on the phone was totally usually as that is usually the par for the course. I paid it off and received the exact same receipt saying my account was at $0.

Is this going to happen again in two months? Where are you guys coming up with these numbers? The first rep I talked to I made sure I paid the ENTIRE thing out and she confirmed that. Was the $15 his lunch that he decided to rip me on? Lmao.



This isn't an issue you can resolve here. We are just TELUS customers like you. You need to contact customer service.