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Account department inability


We have been calling *611 support to resolve an account issue with Telus Business.

We started on Feb 13 2023 11 calls later March 22 and we have been told that they still need another 5 days to resolve.

In this time period we've had a few call backs from managers promising follow up but still no resolution.

How do we talk to someone who is able to resolve the issue and explain the problem??


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @BusAB6621 sorry about that. It's definitely a longer than usual turnaround time. Without sharing any account-specific info (for privacy) what kind of issue are you experiencing?

We are talking about payments been applied to an old account of ours, thus a positive balance and the current account falling behind.

Sounds to me like Bill Analyzer is broken. Get a reconnection in live chat or Facebook Messenger for your my telus profile.


Update March 28 2023 Telus still promising to correct the issue and call back. Issue not corrected and no call back. Called Telus with case number but no manager available "will call back"