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Closed account affecting credit score

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My wife opened an account with Telus in November of 2022 but closed the account the next day as she joined me on my EPP account. Whoever processed the return at the store level did not do so correctly which resulted in the account remaining open. When my wife noticed this, she saw there were multiple missed payments to this account although she returned the phone and closed the account. We have receipts of the return to confirm it. We spoke with Telus in the past and the balance on the account has since been waived but the account still shows open on her credit report and she is still being dinged on her credit score for an account that she doesn’t have and closed. When we last spoke with a Telus rep, they mentioned a credit amendment would be submitted to the credit bureau to amend her credit but this has not been done yet and missed payments are still being show on her credit report for this closed account which is affecting her credit score. I’ve tried contacting the billing and finance department but had no luck. We are hoping to escalate this issue further so we can fix her credit score and stop the missed payment reports from Telus.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. I'll send you a private message to discuss further, thanks.