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manage home account / manage call control


ten days now, incident reported.  not able to manage home phone or access and manage call control premium in my telus


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Community Power User

Can you provide a bit more detail as to what you wish to do?


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I have been "managing" the home phone for months.  added call control months ago.  accessed it every day and reviewed incoming calls.  callers added to blocked list and accepted list and could see failed attempts to call.  kept notes on all of it.  last access was Thursday march 5.  haven't been able to access it since then.  issue is with the website but they are in no hurry to fix it.


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Community Power User

What errors or messages you see when you try to access your account?

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no specific error message.  click on "manage" and it used to go to a page that identified calling features currently on the account and a tab to manage call control.  it no longer goes there and instead goes to a new page that says to select the account or enter the account number.  clicking on the account just loops you right back to the same page to select the account.  this page is the change.  it first appears on Friday the 6th


I am seeing the exact same issue with as Natalie T. I cannot manage my home phone or call control. The page that asks you to select an account just loops.

I guess with everything happening we are starting to see some forms of technology fall apart

ETR date I have been given is April 7th.  Last day I was able to access / manage call control was March 5th.  If you haven't already called telus support, you should, maybe we can get it escalated.