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So Was This a Legitimate Security Question ????


Something a bit odd happened earlier today and I just want to see if it's anything to be worried about. I got home around 4 pm and my GF told me that our internet was running very slow today. I called Tech Support and they started out asking me the usual security questions. As someone who got hit with identity theft about 5 years ago I actually appreciate Telus asking these questions to make sure I am who I claim to be. Now I should tell you that I was pretty much out of it as I had to get up this morning at 2:30 am in order to be on a film set at 4 am. So after the usual set of questions I was asked for the last 3 numbers of my SIN which I gave. My GF then shot me a " what the hell are you doing " look but I had already given my answer so there wasn't much I could do. Anyway - once the tech guy confirmed my identity he then ran a few tests and reset my modem which seem to fix the problem. So my question is this - is Telus now actually asking for this SIN information ???? I have never been asked for this before and I actually don't remember ever giving this information to Telus in the first place so I don't know how my answer could have been checked. Should I be worried about giving out this information ???


Seems odd. In order for the tech to verify the last 3 digits of your SIN it would have had to be in your account. Do you recall providing your SIN to TELUS to set up your account? I'm pretty sure TELUS doesn't have my SIN.
I think it's reasonable to refuse and ask for a different form of verification.

Hey xray - thanks for responding. I don't recall giving Telus my SIN info when I signed up - I'm not saying that I didn't but I just don't remember. If I was more alert at the time I probably would have refused giving him that information but I was just so **bleep** tired and pretty much out on my feet that I probably would have given him my shoe size or blood type if he had asked for it. I'm hoping that somebody from Telus can respond so I can stop worrying about this.

Since you called them I'm sure it's safe. If they called you then I'd be worried.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Your info is definitely safe, and would be on file if the agent asked to use it for verification purposes. If you're uncomfortable with it being on file, you can always reach out to our team and ask for it to be removed, as long as you have other pieces of identification on file for future interactions.

Hi A-B - thanks for responding. I actually don't remember giving Telus my SIN but I might have when I first signed up 2 years ago. It did worry me a bit as this information was never requested before. I did talk to a buddy last night who worked for the CIBC and BMO a few years ago. He is also a Telus customer and said that he had never heard of anyone being asked for their SIN number before but said that even if he was a scammer then he really couldn't do anything with just the last 3 digits of my SIN. Now if the next time I call if somebody asks for the first 3 digits or the middle 3 digits of my SIN then I'll start to worry. 😁

I've never been asked for any ID numbers when I've called. Just name, address, PIN. I would call them and have it removed. 

What identification? Why would you need id on file? 

Community Manager
Community Manager

For verification purposes.

There's other ways they can verify the account. They don't need your id information. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Correct. This is why it's only an option.