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Overdue account

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I was recently contacted about paying a 10 year old account. How do I get more info on account? All they have is my name an account number and an amount. I know I am not the only person in this world with my name, I can find phone numbers on line for names... Conact person tells me Telus cannot give them any more info.

I do not want to hand over thousands of dollars for an account that is probably someone elses?????


Community Power User
Community Power User

A ten year old account? I doubt Telus would hold on to an overdue account that long before sending it to collections, especially if as you say the caller claimed there are thousands owing. The collections agencies would have also been looking for your very quickly as well and wouldn't have waited a decade. Normally something like that would show on your credit history and significantly impact it.


There is also the chance that it is a scam as well. Did the person that contacted you call you or text you? Did they give you any way to contact them back? Phone number? Mailing address? etc?

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It's likely a scam. If they call you again ask them if it's for your account at some made up address in your area. If they say yes then you will know it's a scam.