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Change in home phone cost


Feb. cost for home phone is $15.  March cost is $17.  Why the change, please?



@normvcr  You must be in a tv internet bundle. Home phone lite is $20 month for 24 months then $30. Ld is $6 month for 300 minutes over 300 is 5 cents a minute. Don't disturb the bear. Polecat

Thanks for the info.

Am not in a tv-internet bundle (I cut the cord years ago for internet streaming, and a TV antenna for local (and not so local) stations).  The phone pricing was part of a negotiation, which terms I forget.  Probably requires a telus person to look into it, but phone help for billing/payment is not currently available (due to corona procedures).  It can wait.

@normvcr  Go to your account on page you will see (your profile ) click on it new page showing your services click on ( service agreement ) that should give you the info you want. Poleat

"No service agreements found."


Details must be in the side-notes only available to telus agents.



@normvcr  I open up my site and it says view service agreement and it comes up.?????  You have a grandfathered  one ------i have one also but doesn't show on agreement. have it printed out from 2006. Polecat


@normvcr   At the top of this page is the  SHOP feature it will give you all the prices>