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I'm asking this on behalf of another user.


His Telus email/Google account restricts the use of the Google Maps (Maps open to a message telling to contact the org admin).

He has to sign out or use a different browser in order to use Maps at the moment.


Can Maps be allowed?


Community Power User
Community Power User

The Google services purchased by Telus do not include most of the Google services, as it was meant to address mail services only. The simplest step is to create an individual Google account to use additional Google services, such as maps, Drive, etc.

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TELUS email powered by Google is not a normal Personal Google Account and does not include all the standard "free" G-Suite services (Google Maps, Docs, etc) that come with a Personal Google Account. Instead, TELUS email powered by Google is a TELUS Managed Google Account and includes a limited number of G-Suite services (Email, Calendar).


Unlike "free" personal Gmail accounts which are supported by advertisements, TELUS email powered by Google does not display Google ads on the side bar or within the email inbox. In addition, TELUS Managed Google Accounts are governed by the TELUS privacy policy, which prevents Google from scanning all your emails, calendar, contacts, etc to deliver more targeted ads (as is done with "free" Personal Google Accounts).

Because of this, if customers want to use non-supported G-Suite services they will either need to log out of their TELUS email powered by Google, use a separate Internet browser, or open an Incognito browser window. Customers just need to access these G-Suite services from a different session that is not logged into TELUS email powered by Google.

There are no plans to expand TELUS email powered by Google to the full range of G-Suite services. Customers wanting to use those G-Suite services can simply open a free Gmail account.