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Just Moved In


I have been a Telus customer for many many years and then decided to bundle - Internet, TV and home phone. Recently I renewed the services and the loyalty team sent me the contract listing the fees to pay for the next 2 years. As per my understanding with the conversation with the agent that is the amount that I would be charged. I received my first bill, and on top of the promised rates there was an additional fees for network fees adding some $5.00 to the total.

I called the Billing services and the technician told me that was a normal charge but I was not charged in my previous 2 years.

Just wanted to ask the other fellow Telus users if you are also charged the network usage fee on top of the fees agreed in your contract.

Thanks much.

Old user.



@Old-user  Never heard of networking fees but on my bill there is a modem fee  ( $ 5.00 ). In my case  it is free because i contacted loyalty and had my 2 year contract stay the same as the last 2 years.  No increase at all.  Try loyalty. 

Hi Polecat,
Thanks for your suggestion I might just try it