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STIR/SHAKEN Feature For Mobile Devices


STIR/SHAKEN is a set of network tools used to verify the true calling number of an outbound call in order to combat caller ID spoofing on telephone networks. TELUS verifies the original calling number by validating the legitimacy of the calling number and displaying a verified status on the receiver’s handset. 


  • STIR/SHAKEN does not block or filter calls.
  • If you're looking to reduce the number of spam/nuisance calls to your number, consider our free Call Control feature.


How it Works

With the implementation of STIR/SHAKEN, a new display option ('Verified') will appear on your device. Only fully Internet Protocol to Internet Protocol (IP to IP) Canadian calls can be validated on STIR/SHAKEN capable handsets. Currently, most calls are not fully IP to IP and, therefore, will continue to display as normal calls.


If eligibility requirements and conditions are met, the call will be verified and appear on your device as such:

You may also see a message such as 'Valid number' or 'Number verified'.
Supported Devices
Refer to this list to know which devices currently support the STIR/SHAKEN protocol.
V60 ThinQ 5G - (V600TM30a)
LG Velvet - (G900UM20k)
LG Q70 - (Q620WA30a)
LG K61 - (Q630UM30a)
LG K41s - (K410WM30a)
Moto G 5G - (S1SA32.47-77)
Moto G Stylus 5 G - (S1SD32.56-69)
Moto G Power - (RRQ31.Q3-68-135)
Moto G Pure - (RRH31.Q3-46-113)
Galaxy S21 FE 5G - (G990W2VLU1CVF2)
Galaxy A32 5G - (A326WVLU7BVE5)
Galaxy A53 5G - (A536WVLU2AVE1)
Galaxy S22 Ultra - (S901WVLU2AVDC)
Galaxy S22+ - (S901WVLU2AVDC)
Galaxy S22 - (S901WVLU2AVDC)
Galaxy A51 - (A515WVLU7DVD1)
Galaxy A71 - (A715WVLU4DVD1)
Galaxy XCover Pro - (G715WVLUADVD2)
Galaxy S20 5G - (G981WVLU2FVC5)
Galaxy S20+ 5G - (G988WVLU2FVC5)
Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G - (A526WVLU5CVD2)
Galaxy A52 5G - (A526WVLU5CVD2)
Galaxy S20 FE 5G - (G781WVLU6FVC5)
Galaxy A13 - (A136WVLU1AUK9)
Galaxy Z Flip 3 - (F711WVLU2BUL7)
Galaxy Z Fold 3 - (F926WVLU1BUL7)
Galaxy S21 FE 5G - (G990WVLU2BUK6)
Pixel 6a - (SD2A.220123.051.A3)
Pixel 6 / 6 Pro - (SD1A.210817.019.C2) *with dialer ver 72*
If you have any questions about STIR/SHAKEN or anything else regarding your device, you can ask the community, or reach out to us over at our Twitter or Facebook accounts and we'll be there to help!
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