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network and Wi-Fi


I am using macOS Catalina 10.15.7. My Network says my Wi-Fi is on and connected to Telus 4900 at I.P., but I am unable to back up my I-phone or get Safari on my I-pad.




So you have an IP address on your mac computer but you can't back up your phone or use the net on  your ipad.  Start by seeing if you can surf the net on your Mac, if that works, check the network settings on your other devices. 

Thanks for the reply.
Using Safari on my MAC is no problem, and I have had e-mails to my MAC addresses also show up on my I-phone. Which particular settings should I be checking on the other devices?

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Can you provide a bit more detail as to what steps you have taken, and where you are trying to back up your iPhone?


Are you connected to Wi-Fi on either the iPhone or iPad?


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 My I-phone, I-pad, and MAC all show that the WiFi is on, and my MAC shows that I am connected to Telus 4900 at

My pad is connected by a hub connected to my MAC, but when I try to use Safari on the pad the message says that I am not connected. Also, I used to get e-mail on my pad until last November. I plug my phone into a separate outlet to charge it.

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A few questions.


  1. What exactly is a Telus 4900? I know of the T3200M but I've never heard of a 4900.
  2. If your iPad is connected to your Mac with a USB hub, that won't affect the network / wifi on the iPad. It would only affect the speed at which you can charge the iPad as some hubs are lower amperage. You won't get a network signal from your Mac through a lightning cable to your iPad or iPhone.
  3. Plugging your phone into a different USB outlet or charger won't have any affect on your network connections.
  4. The Wifi being turned on, on your iPad or iPhone, is different than your devices being connected to your network. Do you know the name of your wireless network? When you go into the Wi-Fi settings on your devices, does it show that network name at the top of the screen with a check mark beside it? If no, does it ask for a password when you choose your own network? >>> Recommended:
  5. Does cellular data work on your iPhone? If you've gotten some emails on your phone recently, you either had a wifi or cellular data connection.

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The “Telus 4900” is a network which I thought I had joined when I switched my “” address to in November 2020 when Telus Communications advised me that the “.net” address were being changed over to g.mail. Both devices show WiFi turned on, both ask to connect to a network, with Telus4900 included in the drop-down list, and both show a locked padlock, the WiFi symbol, and an “i” in a circle to the right of the list, and both ask for a password.

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Telus switching mail providers wouldn't have affected the wifi connection itself on your devices. It sounds like Telus4900 may be the wireless network name. If it's still asking for a password, assuming it is your network, that will be why your iPhone and iPad aren't connecting. Find the router that Telus installed in your home. There is usually a sticker on the side of it that shows what the default network name and password is. 


On the wireless network list, the :locked: icon indicates that the network is secure / needs a password. 


If Telus4900 is the correct network and your iPhone and iPad used to work with it, in Wi-Fi settings, click the "i" symbol to the right of the network and in the following screen tap Forget This Network at the top. Then choose your network again and enter the password. If you do not know the wireless password, you can use the Telus My Wi-Fi app to view and change the password. Alternatively, you should be able to log in to the router from your computer that has internet access.

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