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eSIM services - Telus falls short, way short...

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1.  Apple provides auto-migration of the eSIM when purchasing a new device.  Telus blocks this feature.


2. Telus demands customers 'purchase' a new PHYSICAL eSIM CARD.  Pure money grab from Telus.  


3.  eSIM comes only on a physical card that must be Snail Mailed or Purchased by going physically into a Telus store.  Why?  THE eSIM CARD SHOULD BE DOWNLOADABLE ONLINE AS A PDF AT THE TIME OF ONLINE PURCHASE. 


Selling a QR CODE then insisting it be mailed as a physical card is like writing an email, printing it, and then sending it in an envelope with a stamp like postal mail.  It's like going back to the Flintstones. TELUS ARE YOU LISTENING?  Your customers are not using rotary phones anymore and demand up to date features and solutions.


I happen to be roaming overseas and am attempting to migrate all data, including the eSIM, to the new device and came up against the three roadblocks above: Telus blocks the eSIM migration feature available in Apple iPhones, unnecessarily forces customers to purchase a new eSIM, and the new eSIM must be physically received to the customer's home address by snail mail, or purchased by directly going into a Telus store. 


None of those options are available to a Telus customer roaming internationally.  Telus refuses to email or message a PDF or photo of the eSIM card they want to sell me.  I won't be home for 2-months and I'm steamed at the idiocy of this situation.  





I think TELUS has become extraordinary concerned about sim swap fraud.  So to cover any liability they will only mail a sim to the  registered  address for the account.  


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Actually, no. ANYONE can go into a Telus store and purchase an eSIM card for $10. You don’t need to be a Telus customer or have a Telus account.

Telus’ agent told me that at 4am this morning.

I had a friend go to a mall and buy the card at s Telus store and no questions asked.

The friend then photographed the card front and back and texted it to me (as Telus should have been able to do from the get go).

The security comes when you add the eSIM card to the phone. You have to call Telus Tech Support and they verify it’s you and your account, and the eSIM serial number. Telus then inputs the 20-digit(?) serial number on the back of the eSIM card into their system to finally activate the eSIM on their end.

So, eSIM card security doesn’t seem to be an issue due to the internal checks and balances.

Main thing for me was, why doesn’t Telus allow download of a PDF of the eSIM card QR code and Serial Number from the website? Why does Telus insist a replacement eSIM must be sent by Canada Post to a Canadian address that takes a week, or needs to be physically picked up by someone in Canada - for a customer who is roaming internationally?

I have an eSIM because I had two numbers on my phone for a period but it’s really inconvenient with the QR codes and inability to port. I’m fully inclined to go back to a regular SIM when I upgrade this year.

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Literally frustrated on how Telus is doing this thing where they send physical SIM cards even if I requested for an esim. Seriously, it’s not hard to implement this service. I’ve never had problems switching over to esim when I was with Bell. They made me go back and forth to a Telus store while I don’t have any cell service because my number was ported from Bell. They even had the audacity to tell me why can’t I just use the physical sim? I’m like my phone doesn’t have a SIM card tray?! Was really upset and disappointed on my switch from bell to Telus. It’s like my whole family had a problem with the esim switching and porting from Bell. They made it so difficult too.


I literally said this to a Telus rep a couple of weeks ago. They claim the Security BS, but it is a money grab.

To make things more frustrating on my story, the Only Telus store in our small town was closed at 15:30 on a Saturday afternoon, due to staffing issues, and of course closed on Sunday, so had to wait a couple of days to switch fully over to my work phone. Hahaha

So far the dual sim experience is quite the same as my dual physical sim experience, but with the downloading of pictures/data on which ever sim is not primary. I have to switch between the two with every request, and am still trying to see if there is a fix for that. Currently being used on a Samsung S21 FE.

I hope your situation got figured out.

It's both! We all know how pathetic Canadian companies are at protecting the information of their customers. Making money off of the lack of addressing the actual issue is just a bonus for them.