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Time Zone Issue

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Time Zone Issue. I live in the East Kootenays in BC, near the Alberta border. This part of BC is in the Mountain Time Zone, like Calgary and the rest of Alberta. Because I have a 250 area code, Telus treats my phone as if it lives in the Pacific Time Zone. Therefore, when I receive Voice Mails, the time stamp is often/always off by an hour. If I phone an office with a specific opening time, they treat me as if I am in the Pacific Time Zone and I can't get through because the office isn't open in that time zone.
Does this problem occur with other Telus customers in the East Kootenays? Can Telus be persuaded to fix the problem?


@tpcurley  Go to settings on your phone and type in time zone Should lead you to be able to set zone manually or automatic. Mine is on automatic but we never change time here mountain standard year round.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Don’t expect an office operating on Pacific Time to share opening hours with Mountain Time. I deal with businesses across Canada, and don’t expect them to match my hours.

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