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The worst service experience of my life at TELUS Mobility

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I changed the carrier because TELUS was sure.

I think my carrier change to TELUS is a fraud. And I think this method is their mean business.



I asked online chat if I could use Esim with my phone, iPhone XsMax, or if I could use my number from Freedom Mobility.

The chat staff recommended the Kichilano branch by visiting a nearby branch. I live near Richmond.



 I went to the store and checked with the store staff again if Esim and I could use the number I was using. The employee was sure and gave a definite answer that it was possible.

So I changed the carrier to TELUS.

I applied for Esim, but the employee inserted the physical USIM of TELUS first and proceeded. Since then, the employee in charge of me has asked two other employees for help and proceeded with it.

I don't know why there was a physical USIM, and the three of us had an hour-long run, and they looked very immature.

And he called me in to explain the situation.

He said, 'We're not capable of making what you've asked for. If you want, you can contact Freedom Mobility, keep your number, and do what's not happening today.'


I got a refund on my USIM expenses, and they pretended to be generous and told me, 'I'll give you the USIM, so use it if you want to.' I threw away an hour in the store and another hour in a round trip, but I came back home with the intention of restoring it to its original state.



I asked through chatting on the Telus homepage.
If I go back to Freedom Mobility today, I asked if I have to pay the TELUS fee for two days yesterday and today.

Because I didn't want to use Telus Mobility, which, in a sense, forced me to use Telus Mobility.

The chat clerk told me that I should pay the fee. No matter what I said, he said it was a principle.


The reason I asked about that is not because I don't have a few dollars. Their attitude was very poor, and I felt very bad.
The promise must be fulfilled in accordance with the principle of Roman law [facta sunt savanda ] and they have violated the things to be given to me, and have only demanded responsibility from me, avoiding responsibility.



I inquired about Freedom Mobility.

I asked if I could use my number as it is and if I could use my previous plan, and they said they could.


But they told me I had to buy a new SIM card for Freedom Mobility, and I was charged with activating my account for Freedom Mobility.

And instead of continuing to use my data plan that I didn't use for a few days, I had to use the same data plan from the beginning.


I had to dump at least $40 to the ground in a moment due to a Telus employee's mistake.

So I thought it was right for them to pay for the cost if they were to restore my cell phone to its original state.
Then I thought about opportunity cost and benefits as a second plan.



I contacted Telus' customer service department by phone this morning.


The first employee who spoke to me on the phone told me that there was nothing he could do for me, and he also had to pay the three-day fee he used in Telus. I can't explain it here, but her attitude was very insincere.


I found a manager or another employee who can solve this problem.

And she said that even if I go back to Freedom Mobility, I have to pay all the money Freedom Mobility adds.

I understood their policy. But the day I visited the TELUS store, I was dumbfounded why the store clerk told me that I could go back to the past if I didn't like the current result.

He said 'as if nothing happened today' was the only story for TELUS.


I majored in law in my country and didn't get this unfair treatment. And they didn't do business this way fraudulently.
In Canada, a giant company called Telus realized that if it was a policy, one consumer like me would have no power.

In the end, I decided to use TELUS. I didn't want to go back to Freedom Mobility and pay for Telus' mistake. I didn't want to lose any more time, even if I used Telus Mobility to waste money.

I don't care whether TELUS does something for me or not. I just hope you don't give me any further disadvantages.

In the end, I changed the more expensive plan without any benefit.
I've learned about a company called Telus this time, and I'm going to write about this fact to my clients and acquaintances.



I would never recommend TELUS if I had an acquaintance around me who was thinking about using it or who wanted to change the carrier


Is this a natural situation here?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Is what a natural situation here?


As far as I know, you can’t use an eSIM as the primary SIM in an iPhone. You can use it for a second number.

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Of course you can use an esim as a primary sim on an iPhone.

The phone, in order to activate, needs data.  So if you go to the red guys for example  they initially put in a physical sim, then change it to an Esim since at that point they can talk to the net.

Another way is to put the phone on wifi when activating it.


The biggest problem is too many people not knowing what they are doing.

It isn't restricted to Telus by any means.  Telus has their fair share of people who don't know what they are doing, or even slightly more than their fair share. Often they work in groups, so if one doesn't know how it works, the rest don't.  We all pay the price.