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Telus Mobility Issues

Just Moved In

Don't know where to begin, we had a cell from Telus for 2 years, they raised our bill so high we cancelled Telus and went to another company.  Since then nothing but problems, Dec 29 called and cancelled our telus mobility service, since it was a cell we had to give back, fine no problem, we called 7 times Dec - Feb and were told EVERY time that a "box will be mailed to us so we can return the cell phone"  and were also told not to worry about the huge bill they sent us as it will be deleted once they receive the phone. Ok we waited and waited  finally called again in March and were transferred around for 47 mins and finally the loyalty dept told us "oh we don't send boxes" what??   how can customer service screw up so badly, now we have sent the phone back and still have not been credited.  Good thing we recorded EVERY phone call to telus just for this reason.  I am not paying for a cell we returned through UPS!  This is the worst company now, how do customer service representatives not have a clue how telus works,  and we also tried 3 times to return the phone to a telus store and couldn't even do that?  this is just the worst service I have ever had in my over 30 years with Telus.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. I'll send you a private message to discuss further, thanks.