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Telus 3G coverage

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I own a CPAP device which uses Telus 3G to connect to my provider. According to what I read online Telus 3G support will end by December 2025, but the wording is a little fuzzy. It sounds like it will be phased out by 2025.

The modem on my device still shows a good connection, but that does not mean the packets are being processed. My device stopped phoning home about a week ago. I checked the latest coverage map and it says there is still a Bell 3G tower close to me, although the map is slightly out of date.

I'm in the Ponytrail and Rathburn road area. Any insights would be appreciated.


Community Power User
Community Power User

I haven't seen any concrete announcements from Bell or Telus about when the 3G is going to be shut down. There are rumors that it could happen in 2025. If your machine isn't phoning home, you may need to contact the manufacturer of it for support.

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Thanks, I sent hem a support ticket through the app but they have not responded as yet.

There are a lot of these machines out the, so I'm sure if they get enough complaints, the inertia might get this resolved.


Did you ever get confirmation from Telus on the end date for 3G support?