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Showing signal but cannot make or receive calls.

So we switched over from Virgin to Telus a few weeks ago and everything seemed fine. We brought over our LG G7 Thin Q's with us. Yesterday while walking the dogs i was separated from the wife (we have an aging dog who won't walk as far) and when we meet up the wife mentored she was unable to call me even though she was showing full signal. I could call her but it went straight to voicemail. I've tried all the options on the net. (Soft reset, airline mode, sim re and re, network reset and calling via safe mode with no result. Called the Telus tech line from my phone and they said it was an issue with LG and they put in a ticket. Meanwhile I've tried swapping the Sims between phones and the problem followed. But the end of the day and after making a call to my voice mail to set up i find mine is now the same.
Is it right that this is a problem with LG? Normally we've gotten new phones with the plan so not sure if it's linked. Could the SIM be corrupted and transferred the issue to mine even though I've put mine back?
Can't try our old phones because they are still locked.


You can ask your previous provider to unlock your older phones, there is no charge for this. If you got the phones after Dec 1, 2017 they should  be unlocked.


If your old phones have the same size sim as your new phones then testing the sim in the old phones should be simple.


Can you text each other, or other people.?


If you have had the phones for less than 15 days you can cancel the contract.

I'm sending and receiving texts from others yes. I didn't get new phones so their is no contact per se.

Yes, i tried to give an update Sunday but i guess the post didn't take. When calling Virgin to unlock our old phones the representative confirmed the issue. I happened to stumble upon a reddit article yesterday when googling what phones I could upgrade to and tried disabling the Google app which worked. The update arrived soon after.
Thank you for your help.