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Network Coverage in Guelph

Just Moved In

I live near Guelph university on Gordon St. by Kortright Rd.  Cellular service is abysmal, even outdoors, never mind inside a condo.  Calls barely come through on the street.  Phone is in "H" coverage, but I would gladly settle for 4G. 


Looking at the tower locations, there is a huge dead-spot.  Are there any means of auditing coverage in the area?  Is there someone to contact at Telus to see if there is anything in "the offing" to improve the situation?


I cannot see paying for a service that does not work at my home.  I would prefer not to switch to Rogers, (who have more towers in the area) but that may have to be the case.   


Community Power User
Community Power User

Adding towers always requires and approval process, if and when one maybe warranted. That being said there is a multitude of factors that may prevent one from being added into a neighbourhood.


You can report issues here. 

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Community Power User

Additionally, Telus has very few towers in Ontario and typically shares towers with Bell. I've never heard of "H" coverage before.


Bell has a tower on Kortright and Edingurgh Rd, another on Gordon St and Stone Rd West, and one at Stone Road Mall. Plus 5 more towers on the University property. I'm not seeing a huge dead spot in that area. As @WestCoasterBC mentioned, you should contact Telus Mobility support to discuss the situation.

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