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Throttling of data and internet has to stop.

Ok. So I upgraded to a talk and text plan with supposedly unlimited data. During a recent trip I was notified by text that I had reached the limit of my high speed internet and could continue using it at a reduced speed. I went from 29-30 mbps to .041. That's absolutely ridiculous. This throttling is a total scam. It shouldn't be allowed. Why do we put up with this crap from the Canadian big three. There's currently a law suit against AT&T by the FTC in the US for this throttling rip off. Maybe it's time for a carrier change.


If they have throttled you to less than what is supposed to be the throttled speed, you should call tech support or customer service.  Unlimited data means quite simply that, but nowhere does it say "unlimited high speed" data.   When you are saying "supposedly unlimited data" that means to me that you are not quite understanding the nuances of the terms.  They used to either shut you off or charge you extra, now you get throttled and not stopped.  Although AT&T has recently introduced plans that do not throttle (unless there is network congestion), they still do offer the other plans.  Do note that if you decide to stop putting up with "this crap" from the big three, you will see that usually in AT&T's areas, you will get 6 megs, and 30 might be amongst the fastest you get.  I did those tests myself, they are valid.