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Remote Area Service

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The goal of this post is to figure out a way to get cellular service at my cabin. After looking through the coverage maps of the carriers in Western Canada, Telus has coverage closest to where my cabin is located.


Does this mean there are towers located in those areas?


My cabin is located here: which is approx. 11 km away.


What are my options getting cellular signals to this area, ive looked at antennas/boosters and it seems that if you can't get a signal originally (even the weakest) it will still fail to pick one up. There is a main service road that runs out there so is a new tower of some sort viable? And what is the cost associated with that (like 10k, 100k?)





The difference between using a booster and using your phone is that you can put the booster antenna way up higher and have a much bigger antenna.  it is also likely that the booster can transmit at a higher power than a handheld cell can.  So even if you see no signal at ground level, a YAGI antenna pointed at the tower could do the trick.  There's no guarantee it will work but that's your best chance.  The other thing to do is to get internet out there and use wifi calling.  if  you know people in the area, it is technically possible to set up internet repeaters, and that would be a lot more feasible than getting a mobile tower put in.   I do not know if the new "low orbit" satellite internet is available or not, but if it is, that might be another option.  Satellite is generally high latency (delay) but low orbit might be tolerable.   It is a difficult situation, just throwing some ideas out there.   It isn't an easy answer, sorry to say but from the tone of your message, it seems like you might be willing to take considerable effort to get this to work.

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The first image you posted simply indicates a hillside facing a Telus tower, with clear line of sight to the antenna. These maps are computer modeled, and not always completely accurate. Also, given the shape and colour of the area, there would be no towers in the area. 

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Based on the second image, is your cabin roughly somewhere near Moses Lake? The absolute nearest tower is just south west of Hixon off highway 97. That's about 65-ish kilometers as the crow flies. At that distance alone, I doubt you'd ever get a signal, even with a booster mounted high above your cabin. The terrain between that tower and the lake will be blocking a direct line of sight also. 


Cell tower map:


Getting a new tower put in is a very complex and expensive process. For such a remote area you won't find any cell carrier installing towers there. It would be too cost prohibitive.

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