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Peace of Mind Connect Plan Bait & Switch?

Friendly Neighbour

I've been on a "Peace of Mind Connect" plan for a few months now with a phone and two data devices (3 SIMs).  The plans allow unlimited number of devices to share one data bucket (15GB in my case) with no additional charges per device.  I pay one fee per month and I can have 1 SIM or 10 SIMs using that data.  I'm very happy.


Fast forward to now, and the "Peace of Mind Connect" plans are no longer offered. so I can't upgrade to a higher storage plan.  Though I'm disappointed, I understand this. It was a good deal while it lasted.


Here's where I get unhappy: Today I called in to request a new SIM for another device on my plan and I was told that this isn't possible, since the Peace of Mind Connect plans aren't offered any longer.  My existing devices are OK, but I cannot add any new devices to my plan.  What gives here?  How can they change the terms of my plan like this?  


Anyone else having this issue?



The Peace of Mind Connect plans have been replaced with the new Unlimited plans but existing customers should still be able to add connected devices to their plan but it requires a code to be put into the system for the plans to appear.


Try calling them back and ask them to use promo code: POMC-ACCESS and it should provide the $0 Peace of Mind Connect access plan for them to be able to add another tablet or smartwatch to the plan.

I noticed that Telus removed these connect plans as well. I also needed to change my data bucket, and because of Telus removing these plans, I couldn't do that. Out of principle I just moved my accounts to Rogers to "vote with my wallet" so to speak. I am aware Rogers doesn't have the connect plans either...none of the providers do, but I'm not going to stay with Telus out of principle for removing those plans. IF Telus brings them back, I would consider coming back.