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5G connection problem after switched provider.

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I have problems with 5G connection.

after switched 4 phones from Bell mobility to Telus mobility 3days ago, since then we barely connected 5G connected and switch back to LTE+, LTE and 4G. I never had problems with Bell.

when I restarted connect to 5G and drop to LTE+, LTE or 4G right after.

anyone any thought?

*Phone: Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G.

 am in 5G,5G+ service area in Metro Vancouver area.




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I've had the same problem and I switched from Rogers. My phone will even go 3G in some areas which is extremely frustrating 

Friendly Neighbour
I have just switched a line from Bell to Telus. Solid, steady 5G in Hamilton, Ontario. I’m on an iPhone 13. According to the coverage map, I am within the new 3800 mhz (ghz?) frequency coverage as well as the lower one (1700 I think?).

Your phone is not too old so it should have both but maybe check confirm Telus coverage in your specific location and check the frequency bands available on your device. Those two 5G bands are also called channels in the format n##. I think they are n46 and n66 but I’m doing this from memory and could have those slightly wrong.

Other than a coverage issue or frequency band missing, the only other thing I can think of from my former android days would be modem and crc firmware. If you have unlocked the boot loader (can you do that on a Samsung anymore?) and flashed a custom rom for bell, mayyybe there is a slight difference. If so, try going back to stock and see if it corrects it. If so, then you can flash again, leaving out the modem and crc files.

Good luck!


@sklee60 That definitely sounds odd, and aside from the solid suggestions & possibilities mentioned by Uberpete , it might be best to give the TELUS tech support team a call so they can diagnose the issue further with you.