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sim activation via email verification

Just Moved In

Hey Everyone,

A few days ago I signed up for Telus and my account is active, however the sim card is still on it's way apparently.
Because of this, I'm essentially paying for 2 services (with the Telus one I can't even use yet)


So I have purchased a Telus sim card so that I can get up and running this weekend, but I'm running into problems activating it.


When I try to activate, the website makes me verify via a pin. It gives me the option to do it over email, or via SMS to my telus (temporary) number.


Obviously I can't access the SMS on the Telus number yet, so I tried the email option.

The website emails me a pin, however I get this error on the website and cannot proceed:

A verification code cannot be sent to the selected email address at this time. To receive a verification code right away, please choose the SMS option.


Is there anything that can be done to get my telus sim up and running?