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Old number shows to some contacts after porting


So I signed up to Telus and got assigned a number, then I ported my Koodo number over into this new Telus account.  Confirmed the port, account shows the Koodo number, and I can call and text that number.  But some of my contacts when I text them, it shows the original assigned number by Telus.  Why is that so?  But when I call that number, it says number is not in service.  Note this is happening to some contacts, not all.  And its been over a month since the port.


Community Manager
Community Manager

That's definitely an odd situation. It could be an iPhone/AppleID issue? We'd need more info about those specific contacts with which the issue is occurring since it's not impacting everyone calling, etc. Info such as which specific phones they are using, who their provider is, etc. If you can get that info, feel free to post here or reach out to our Mobility team and they can troubleshoot with you!

Its an Android, not iOS.


Isn't the number coming in from the network? Not sure why the device itself will pick a number that is not stored on those devices.  As soon as I received the SIM, I ported the number from Koodo.  We never used the assigned number from Telus to call or text anyone.  It was active for no more than half an hour.

It looks like the issue is happening with contacts also on Telus.  Our other phone is on Rogers and is seeing the correct number.  Those on Telus are seeing the first number. And when they respond to that number the text doesn't come into my number. So they see the older number when receiving text, but should send a text to the current number for it to work.