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how do i use unlimited one number?


just recently i purchased unlimited one number, but i have yet to figure out how to link the phone number i want to it. ive tried asking the virtual assistant and reading other forum posts here with a similar problem, but none of them have actually given me an answer on how to do it, because they keep referring to website features that arent there anymore.

i am literally trying to be able to call my dying father right now so i would appreciate it if someone could provide me with an actual solution to this


Community Power User
Community Power User

What plan did you subscribe to? Most have unlimited calling.

You should be able to manage your choice of number through the My Telus account portal, but if your plan is already unlimited, you may be unable to manage the one number unlimited option.

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i use nationwide talk and taxt 15. im a little bit confused though. why would anyone buy unlimited one number if they have unlimited calling anyway? what would that even do at that point?